New Reign Advanced Pro Wins Over Bike Editors!

vrijdag 23 juni 2023


Following the release of the new Reign range of enduro bikes earlier this year, key mountain bike media outlets have been testing and heaping praise on the composite-framed Reign Advanced Pro series.

The new Reign range offers both composite and aluminum frame models at various price points. All models feature adjustable geometry and the option to use either a 29-inch or 27.5-inch rear wheel. The flagship Reign Advanced Pro has already given Giant Factory Off-Road Team pros a big boost in performance, helping them achieve breakthrough stage wins and overall victories in the new UCI Enduro World Cup series.

Bike editors around the world have taken notice. The ride reviews are rolling in, with overwhelmingly positive takes on the real-world performance of the Reign Advanced Pro. 
“I’d put the Reign up there for being one of the most composed and well-balanced enduro bikes I’ve ridden lately,” claimed Matt Beer of, who tested the composite-framed Reign Advanced Pro. “There isn’t really any one particular place where the Reign shines because it’s well-balanced across all types of trails, which is what makes a superb enduro race bike.”
Flow Mountain Bike also tested the Reign Advanced Pro, giving it high marks on everything from the new Maestro suspension to its adjustability, calling it “incredibly calm and composed on rough terrain” and “a significant step up over its predecessor.”
“No matter how rowdy the trail gets, it always seems to feel planted and totally in control,” wrote Flow MTB editors. “Compared to the previous generation Reign, the increase in travel is noticeable and welcome. Combined with the proven dual-link Maestro platform, small-bump sensitivity and mid-stroke response are excellent. There’s plenty of travel kept in reserves for absorbing earth-shifting landings, with the big bottom-out bumper providing a cosseting cushion to prevent clanging the rear shock.”
Revolution MTB was struck with both the performance and the looks of the new Reign. “What we’ve come to see from Giant especially in recent years is that they place a lot of focus on the attention to detail of their carbon frames and as a result they’re right up there with the highest quality frames money can buy,” wrote reviewer Blake Nielsen. “Giant have gone the simple yet effective route for converting between rear wheel sizes by using the flip chips at the back of the rocker link to the top of the chainstay to keep the suspension behaving normal and raising the bottom bracket slightly when swapping from the supplied 29-inch rear wheel over to a 27.5-inch. In a matter of a few minutes the conversion can be done.”
Also new this year is an internal storage compartment located on the down tube that makes it easy to carry ride essentials including a spare tube, inflation and mini-tool. Niels van Kampenhout highlighted in his review for, writing: “Access is through a door with a twist-lock and inside you’ll find a neoprene sleeve to hold a few tools and spares. Conveniently, the storage compartment door also provides access to some guides to zip-tie the internally routed cables to for a slap-free experience.”
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